The main USP of our misal is the Gravy, also known as Sample, Rassa, Tarri etc. The base of the gravy consists of all the traditional Maharashtrian spices. The sweetness to the gravy is given by the Jaggery and the tanginess by the Tamarind, Hence making the whole preparation the delicious and flavoursome affair.

To make the gravy healthy we also add 6 different types of vegetables, Onion, Potato, Cabbage, to name a few.

Moving on to the Misal, We have 8 different elements, Namely

  • Potato
  • Matki (moth beans)
  • Shev
  • Chiwda
  • Onion
  • Grated Coconut
  • Coriander
  • Lemon
Why Slice Bread?

Over the years of us being in the business we have encountered this question on numerous occasions & this is our take on the topic.

In the early 1950’s when we started selling the misal, there was an on going trend of selling Bread Slices, The reason being the consumption of LaadiPav was strictly prohibited for various religious & cultural reasons.

Hence, continuing the same trend we also realised that the bread slice along with the misal was a match made in Heaven.

Ever since that day, the whole city has proudly followed across all the traditional and outlets.