It's all started in 1948 by the maestro Damodar Bedekar aka Anna himself. Initially it was just a casual hangout place that sells tea and basic snack items.

By the mid 50's with the immense efforts he got into reality what we relish even today i.e. The Misal.

On 12 July, 1961, following a night of heavy rainfall around the city of Pune, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, the Panshet Dam burst. The resulting flood killed around 1000 people, led to the displacement and relocation of tens of thousands more, and brought the bustling city to a complete halt. This gave a major setback to entire Bedekar Family too.

The prayers of misal lovers gave him immense strength to get back on his feet. With a growing customer base and not a very big seating area, we moved from where it all began to the current place we are in, in the 1980's

Since then, with the love and affection shown to us by all our beloved customer base we have not looked back and hope to receive the same for the foreseeable future as well.